The Commonness Within Us…

This “Life” is a canvas filled with abstract hues. Isnt it?

Sad to frown…happy, so much that follows no bound. Everyone has so much to ask but answers to them??? Who is going to understand and clear out all the doubts within people’s minds. Everyone has a different face, a different taste and a lot more of differences. But we are same in a certain situation that is for all. And that is…  “Dealing with the Feelings”.

Feelings are that one thing which is same for all…..everybody has feelings….without them, we are as good as dead or lifeless. But how to deal with them is one’s own personal choice. Life is prone to take turns….sometimes low , sometimes fun. Its nothing unusual. But being wise enough to deal with it properly is appreciable! 

Kudos to them who do so. And for them who are unable to deal with them alone! I am here to help you guys out.❤ 

Dont hesitate. Just speak out whatever you want to…😊

Dillusional Fate….

Just as the fire burns through out the night…

The flames sweep in through your skin…..

Deep down your flesh mingling with the blood!

You feel the sweet pain of the unwanted pleasure..

And it makes you want it more and more.

Your idiosyncraticity of the inhuman love melts her as good as ice!

Fierce as the wind; Wild as the fire you glide through her and make her lose breath.

The scars you get marks you her’s….those don’t pain but make you want them more…

The more deeper it be, the more darker it gets.

And you can’t have enough of it….


As the night sky fall,

And the ground shivers beneath…

The scent of love flows through the senses….

Making the maiden an epitome of the lustful love.

The winds blow harder….

Making her breath entangled to it.

And she craves for the wilderness to fill her soul…

Making it unbearable for the night to pass.

The treacherous darkness playing its tricks on the unloved soul….

And the sorrowful bliss rises.

Making her sleepless…..

For the eternity.



Yes YOU. Do you see me crying? Do you see me dying?

Do you feel me breaking…. Do you hear the shatter of the glass that just broke? ……. That was’nt just a glass. Twas my heart.

The heart where you once lived in…… The heart which you once adorned your life with. The heart you promised to take care of……

You broke it… You killed it… Tore it apart.

And here, I am down on my knees…. All shattered. Broken and dead.

But don’t worry. As the phoenix rose from its own ashes…. I too will reincarnate my soul and my heart….. To someone… Someone so new, so bright…. That the light of my life will make you go blind. I will come back…..💖

The Unwanted!!

Behold my love,
For he, the unwanted uncertainty;

Has not been savoured yet.

The scars get deeper…

With every sin he made!

Love turns darker than dusk

And no sign of the light of dawn…

He, the passionate vengeance…

Relishes on your pains!

Fierce and ferocious, he binds you..

To the love, namesake!

In want of the forbidden lust-love,

Prepares you for, as the bait…

Ascertain of his mysterious desires….

Glides into your heart through your blood and soul;

And all again, the sinister clings to you….behold!!

You Are Beautiful!!

Yes. You! You are someone, unique in your own way. You have your own light, your own shine and soberness. You have your own choices…your own likes and dislikes. Your own favorites!!  You take your own decisions, follow your own rules, do things on your own. And the best of all, you live your own life.

So, when you do everything according to yourself, why do you try becoming someone else? Complaining about the way you look, the body shape you have, the smile of yours, skintone and what not! Why just not happy within your own skin? You are what you are and nobody else can replace you. 

Stop underestimating yourself. If you do it…others wont pick you up either! Infact they will start taking you for granted. Stop complaining and start working on your inner beauty. Outer beauty wont stay for long. What matters is the beauty that is skin deep in you. Your inner beauty! Inner beauty does not  comes with the usage of costly products! Kindness, love, affection, loyalty, seriousness and affection are the ingredients your inner beauty should be comprised of.

A beautiful face may dissappear. What will remain immortal is a beautiful heart!! Nothing is forever except the good deeds you do! So instead of worrying about your flaws, make them your strength and work on enhancing your inner beauty because You are beautiful.❤👧👦

His Divine Seductress…

He in his mind quivered.. Relishing her enigmatic charisma. A soul so bright, so divine was infront of him….wanting the mysterious night to stay forever.

Her essence filled his heart like a blossoming flower…her breath was the fire…Igniting his wants.. Lust filled eyes wandered her bareness….

As soft as a rose petal she felt to his hands so warm… She was to blossom more and he was her only chance. For once and all she wanted to be felt and loved….A love that would last forever….with him and her entwined together…

Her silhouette so alluring and enticing…made him to make love to her again and forever…. Kisses of love flooded her mouth leaving her filled with passion for him and unable to breathe she moaned in ecstasy for him to release.

The love which was blooming got its way inside her in a pleasant act of mildness and pain…..he kept loving her and she, moaning his name...❤


There is nothing but the swirling amber..

Rising and falling like a sleeping ogre’s chest,

Numbing the sense of trepidation that swims about..
Aimlessly, catching the beacon of the lighthouse.

In the dark we dispel all our inhibitions….

For who is wont to notice?

But in the face of their stares and processing brains

We stumble, afraid of them knowing ,
What to us is unknown.

And whilst we play this game of cat and mouse….

There is the swirling amber, 

Charming the enduring soul.

With its potion of surreptitious logic; 

And potent healing magic,

We drain.

10 Things You have Been Doing Wrong All Your Life…

Its obvious that if you are a living being you ought to commit mistakes. No one is perfect! So here are the 10 silly things we did wrong throughout our life….

Dating the wrong guy/girl. We all have been guilty of this one at some point of time or the other. And when things got really bad, we stared at the mirror and wondered: “How did I not see that one coming?”

Comparing ourselves to others. This must be the most common mistake in the history of mankind. Yet everyone does that even after knowing that its silly. “Hey, I am better than you cause I dont do it.!”

Hide and seek anyone? ‘Hide and seek’ or ‘I spy’ is one such game that almost everyone has played. Many people do this funny mistake of saying the name of the game correctly. “Ice pice” instead of “I spy”. Funny. Isnt it?

Ego comes first. Uh! well its silly of people to keep ego before anything and everything. For example: Wanting the other person to start a conversation with you when you yourself want to talk with him. Own up! If you want it, you do it!

Your temper gets your best. Yup I agree. Its hard controlling emotions to flow….but you need to know when to stop the flow of it. Your bad temper can lead you to destructions! ***Disaster alert***

Such a showoff. Its an unavoidable human nature thats’ a big “no no”! Showing off gains you nothing except names and negative reviews of people about you. Bad. Too bad.

Drinking water while you’re standing. Well yes. You did it entirely wrong. You should drink water only when you are sitting as the water, then will reach your intestines in a slow pace thus, giving enough time for your body to absorb the minerals.

Spending money lavishly. Does not matter how much you earn. You tend to spend everything without an inkling of your savings for future. Nope. I aint old. I am just sensible!

Thinking your parents are’nt tech savvy or advanced. Dont underestimate your parents. Cause PARENTS. And parents know everything….EVERYTHING!!

Not learning from the past mistakes. Learning from our faults is what makes us better human beings. Just give up that pride and start stocking of everything you pile up!

The Heart’s Desire!!

Brandish you, my heart’s delight.

 I yeild to you every night.

And in the time I have always known,

You, the one who has my heart…won!

Passion burns in the lover’s eyes;

One look from you, my spirits rise.

This flame inside, still burns bright…

And from the soul this flame takes flight.

Lately, this rain seems less dreary,

And cause of this, my hearts’ less weary!

And if infact we are meant to be,

The sky will clear, so I may see…

A future bright and filled with love;

Sends the cleansing rain from above,

To wash away the painful tears…

Everytime I look at you, there seems nothing I should fear.

Once locked up dreams come undone;

A new life for me has begun….

Because Its Not Me…..

As I walk through the shore recollecting my old memories, I recalled something that was too near and dear to me. It was perhaps something so close that I would never want to let go off. Memoire of the Love it was.  A simple feeling with a prism of emotions.  Its an enigma that how two different strangers from two completely different worlds fall in the grave of love. Love killed them and reincarnated the two souls into one. Its difficult to understand the mystery of love and so it happened…..

It started blossoming like a beautiful rose with its own poisonous thorns.  Days turned into  blissful wishes of lovers and nights were a disastrous despair. Exchanging reasons of breathing, heart beating and throwing out science completely from the scenario. Love made us blind. Soon world started to make its own absence for us. Just us and only us, it was silly but truth! It changed our ways of seeing life but who knew what would the fortune bring next. Love is wicked! It never lets you know how weak it makes you in ambush of the so called strength and power. 

Love is a slow poison that prepares you for a greater dismay… Something that leaves you shattered when lost and never the time comes when you can rebuild yourself back again. Though bygones are bygones….sometimes these “bygones” are never gone. They stay forever.